Anthony Negus – Conductor

Anthony Negus - Conductor, Pianist and Coach.

Anthony Negus

Reviews for Götterdämmerung 2012

Longborough Festival Opera, 2012

Longborough has a strong arsenal of secret weapons, but the best of them all is the conductor Anthony Negus. He not only imbues the monumental score with extraordinary warmth, but is alive to myriad gradations of emotional temperature through its continual transitions and subtle shifts of gear. The intensity never lets up and the result is a roller-coaster in blazing aural technicolour.

Jessica Duchen – Independent

Star rating is always a tricky business. The four asterisks at the top of this review may reflect my assessment of the intrinsic quality of Longborough’s Götterdämmerung, but a bit of me feels I should add a fifth blob, in tribute to the commitment with which the festival’s owners, Martin and Lizzie Graham, have nurtured this Ring project over the past five years.

To mount a full-scale cycle of Wagner’s epic in a converted barn in your back garden without going insane or bankrupt – and at no cost to the public purse – is a truly exceptional achievement. People get knighthoods for less.

It’s northern star is the conductor Anthony Negus. Who pulls together Longborough’s Festival orchestra each year and makes it cohere into a sturdy instrument that does the score honour. The sheer majesty of this grandest of grand operas is made vivid, at a wisely measured pace that is always alert to the drama and considerate of the singers.

Rupert Christiansen – Daily Telegraph

Longborough Festival Opera has reached the final part of the tetralogy, and in July next year will perform three complete cycles, delivered on a budget so tiny that to call it shoestring would surely be a slur on old bootlaces. But there are plenty of reasons to decamp to Gloucestershire.

Chief amoung them has to be the winningly paced and theatrically astute conducting of Anthony Negus. He has steeped himself in Wagner for much of his career, and that experience is married to some startlingly vivid playing from Longborough’s committed Festival Orchestra…And there’s nothing to snigger about in a fine and youthful cast.

Neil Fisher – The Times




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